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Audit and Review

"Our Experienced Audit team follows a Client-centered approach and works closely to understand their business and provides them the level of service they precisely need."

An Independent Audit is a statutory requirement by the Governing bodies and is carried out in accordance with the Locally Governed Audit and Accounting Standards and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). It helps an organization project its true image to its Investors, Creditors, and other Stakeholders.
Financial Statement Audit
Financial Statement Audit is an independent examination and evaluation of Financial Statements to provide reasonable assurance that the Financial Statements show a true and fair view of an organization’s affairs and transactions. This helps the management understand the present position and risks of their business as well as help in strengthening their investor’s confidence in their company.
Other Assurance, Review and Related Services
At AlSaggaf, we understand that, in addition to traditional financial statement audit, there are times when other assurance reports and reviews are needed by organizations to add credibility to various other financial and nonfinancial reports and disclosures.
In accordance with the International Standards on Assurance, Review and Related Services, We currently provide the following Services :-
General Assurance Services:
A General Assurance Service is carried out on non-financial information. This service provides reasonable assurance on the internal control, Sustainability, and Compliance with laws and regulations.
Assurance Reports on Controls of a Service Organization:
This Assurance Service provided to Clients working as Service Organization provides outsourcing services to their clients. This service provides the Assurance Reports on their Internal control, which provides further assurance to their customers
Examination of Prospective Financial Information:
This is an Assurance Service carried out to provide reasonable assurance on the Prospective Financial Information (Speculated Future Financial Information) of a company. This service mainly considers the viability of the assumptions used in these statements and any consequences of futuristic events and actions.
Review Services
A Review is partly similar to an Audit but is substantially less in scope and has less detailed procedures. The corresponding report is issued in a Limited & Moderate assurance.

We provide Review Services for :-

Historical Financial Statements:
This review of Historical Financial statements is partly similar to an Audit but is not a statutory requirement. The procedures carried out are less detailed in nature and the corresponding report is issued in Moderate Assurance.
Interim Financial Services:
This review service is performed on the Interim Financial Statements which are similar to Standard Financial Statements but their period is shorter than the organization’s financial year.
Related Services:
A Related Service is a Non-Audit, Non-Review service which does not necessarily involve any report with an opinion. These are non-statutory but specialist and bespoke services carried out to support various business purposes.
Compilation Services:
A compilation engagement is the preparation of financial statements, not necessarily a complete set of financial statements, but may also include the collection, classification, and summarization of other financial information.
Agreed upon Procedures:
These are various bespoke engagements of an audit nature agreed between our Firm and an Organization to carry out certain fact findings pertaining to Financial or Operational information or processes.
Due Diligence Services:
These provide assurance on various transactions involving specific financial information of an organization being bought or sold.
Special Reporting:
This is a special service of providing reports as required by various Government and Regulatory bodies confirming Compliance with their Regulations.
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