Financial Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

At AlSaggaf, we understand the competitive challenges many organizations are facing during times of Market Slowdown or Financial Austerities. Many organizations struggle to survive during down times or some cannot keep up enough during the up times, all these affect the very survival and growth of businesses.

Our Specialist teams are abreast with current challenges and with our wide portfolio of consultancy services, they can guide businesses in the directions they should take.

Management Consultancy
Management Consultancy at AlSaggaf is a specialist bespoke service, which caters to the Management of businesses. The consultancy team works more than advisory duties by helping managements understand what needs to be done and what decisions should be made to have sustainable profit through organization improvements, process optimization, and Strategy improvement.
By deeply understanding organization’s operations, cultures and objectives, we help businesses put the building blocks that paves the way for their future growth.
Financial and Business Consultancy
Project Feasibility Studies are in-depth studies of prospective projects. These studies focus on the strengths and weaknesses of the project plan as well as the possible success and profitability rate.
Our team of Specialist Analysts has the acumen and knowledge to cater to a wide range of business sectors in the region. Our market reach and the cumulative experience enables us to provide all kinds of Feasibility Studies.
Risk Consulting
Risks are everywhere in a Business, but how these are managed is the most important question for any Business.
Our Risk Consultants, with their extensive knowledge and expertise, can cater to businesses of various sizes to help them manage all kinds of risks involved in matters of IT, Finance, and Compliance and to assist them to increase profitability by reducing risks such as Financial Risk, Business Risks, Technological Risks and other Operational Risks.
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